Making the Gulch great is a community endeavor.

Thanks for considering volunteering your time and skills to help strengthen our community. 

Volunteer Opportunities

  • We are always glad to have volunteers help at Basecamp! If you are interested in volunteering as an educator or simply a helping hand for a project please contact Tim Crofton, our Program Director at tim.crofton@cottonwoodgulch.org
  • We are looking to diversify our board. If you are interested in joining please get in touch with director@cottonwoodgulch.org

Visiting Scholars

In addition to our full-time instructors, visiting scholars join us each year to enhance your experience by sharing their expertise. Since 1926, the Gulch has been cultivating relationships with local artists, archaeologists, biologists, farmers and green builders, and our trekkers have the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be a professional in these fields. Many kids use their trek experience to investigate a possible career in outdoor education, science, art, or archaeology, and the chance to sit down with professionals in these fields can be a life-changing experience. Several of our visiting scholars and alumni cite their trek experiences as integral steps on the paths to their chosen careers. While the opportunities change each year, visiting scholar programs may include:

  • Wolf tracking with a U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologist
  • Building an adobe kiln at Basecamp with a professional artist
  • Silver sand-casting and weaving with Navajo artisans
  • Solar energy design with a sustainable energies engineer
  • Producing digital audio soundscapes with a radio journalist.
  • Harvesting, molding, and firing clay sculptures with a professional potter
  • Restoring a New Mexico wetland with biologists
  • Recreating burrowing owl habitat with an ornithologist
  • Archaeoastronomy with archaeologists and astronomers

If you are interested in joining us as a visiting scholar, contact our director, Jordan, at director@cottonwoodgulch.org

Pictured below are the volunteers from the 2021 volunteer weekend event, which was held in the fall.