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Overview of Outfit Expedition

Dive into a summer of Southwest fun with the Outfit Expedition! Outfit is a perfect experience for kids with a sense of adventure and willingness to try new things. Appropriate for anyone from complete camping novices to experienced outdoor adventurers, we will start the trek with a week at Basecamp followed by a few days exploring wild places of New Mexico. We will return to Basecamp for 2 days to close the trek, reflect on our time together, and enjoy a final campfire. By the end, trekkers come away with new friends, outdoor skills, great memories, and self-confidence after two weeks of independence and exploration.



Age Range: 10-12

Gender: All welcome, Male, Female, Non-binary

Min Group Size: 8

Max Group Size: 20

Instructors: 3

Elevation: 5,000 to 11,000 feet

17 Days on Trek

number of days on the trek

Cost: $3,450

6/24 - 7/10

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7/20 - 8/5

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Trek Details

This trek will encourage trekkers to explore, create, learn, listen and play. Here are the details!

Explore|Outdoor Adventure

Explore North Western New Mexico!

  • 5 day road loop, exploring the Red Rock Mesas and Ponderosa Pine forests
  • 12 days at our 550 acre basecamp
  • Basic outdoor skills, Basic Navigation, tent set up,
  • Mt. Taylor sunrise hike
  • Tree Climbing the Ponderosa Pines at Basecamp
  • Rock Climbing in multiple locations like Mentmore sandstone crag which multiple single pitch options.

Create | Art / Music

Find new ways to make art!

  • Jewelry Making has been a large part of the culture in the Southwest
  • Leather stamping, ever wanted to have the most custom belt ever?
  • Water Coloring, set up your eizel on the top of a mesa and capture the southwestern sunset.

Learn | Science / Technical Skills

Expand your knowledge of the places we occupy and skills needed in the outdoors!

  • Albuquerque Art Museum, New Mexico History Museum, Georgia O’keeffe Museum, Pueblo Cultural Center
  • Nature walks – flora/fauna identification
  • Forest Ecology

Listen | Culture / Community

Listen to the voices of the communities who call this place home!

  • Visit ancestral site (Chaco, etc)
  • Visiting with local Native American/Indigenous community members to hear from Native voices

Play | Have Fun

Life is fun! Let’s go outside and play!

  • Gallup Flea Market
  • Rock climbing in the 100 million year old sandstone
  • Rafting
  • Campfires every night with music and games!

6/24 - 7/10

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7/20 - 8/5

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More Information

Trek Log

Weber Salmanson

“We did nothing all day but night was very eventful to say the least. A big storm with lightning and hail
came. That’s it.”

July 13th

Soren Stevie

“The day started by breakfast. It was sausage and eggs. We did details then Cottonwoods. I choose hiking for fossils. I found a whistle? Train connector. Then we had lunch, details, then siesta, which we used to play Gaga Ball. During Gaga Ball, I got first and took out Leo. We did Cottonwoods again and I finally got to do metal working!! I made one copper ring but then I cut it in half so now I have two. We ate dinner, did details. Then we played games and had a Nalgene fire. Now we are taking ownerships. Currently the sunset looks really nice.”

July 12th

Sonora Smith

“Today we did a walk of Basecamp even though I’’ve been here before. It was so hot and everyone was walking so slow. After that we went to Cottonwoods. I picked one with Jess to do art. Then we took a shower and played a game. We had an open camp fire in the Cha’oh. Then we hiked to Outfit and decorated our cabin.”

July 11th

Resources for Parents

Within Your Itinerary You Might

The trek itineraries vary year to year, depending on permits and staff expertise

  • Meet with a musician
  • Visit an Amphitheater
  • Take some Day hikes
  • Meet with an instrument manufacturer
  • Visit music festival
  • Visit Hispanic Cultural Center and Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
  • A Sunset hike
  • Basecamp Loop (Cottonwoods)
  • Visit Zuni Pueblo to meet musicians and artists
  • Meet with an artist 
  • Visit Georgia O’Keefe Museum and other local art based museums  
  • Visit Taos Earthships
  • Explore Lavender Farm
  • Day hike Canyon de Chelly
  • Day hike El Morro National Monument

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