Scholarships will be accepted on a rolling basis as funds are available

Scholarship Applicant

Dear Scholarship Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in a scholarship to attend Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions. We believe strongly in the power of the Gulch experience, and we want everyone—regardless of their financial circumstances—to have the opportunity to join our expeditions. To that end, we offer financial aid each year to families with a demonstrated need. Our scholarship program is named after our founders, Hillis and Elizabeth Howie.

Our goal each year, with every trek, is to create a strong community of individuals dedicated to exploration and personal discovery. We value a spirit of curiosity and teamwork, problem solving and perseverance. We seek applicants—scholarship recipients or not—who embody those qualities. If that describes you, we encourage you to apply.

Scholarship funding is limited and varies from year to year. We rely on donations to support our scholarship program, and while our alumni and supporters are extraordinarily generous, we usually receive more scholarship requests than we are able to fulfill. Because of that, we ask families to apply only for what they need.

In order to apply for a scholarship, please do the following:

  • Complete the full scholarship application, including the parent’s statement and applicant’s statement, as described on the application form.
  • Complete the online application for your chosen trek, found below.
  • Submit the completed scholarship application to, or mail to: 9223 4th Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114

The scholarship committee of Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions will evaluate requests for financial aid. Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the winter and spring each year. All scholarship applications will be held in strict confidence, and viewed only by Cottonwood Gulch staff and our scholarship committee.

Thank you again for your interest. If you have further questions, please contact us at 505-248-0563, or

Trek on,

Jordan Stone

Jordan Stone
Executive Director


Hillis & Elizabeth Howie Scholarship Application


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