Family Trek

Explore a culturally and geologically unique area of New Mexico with your family and friends.

  • Dates: N/A
  • Age Range: Open to all ages
  • Cost: Pay it Forward- Gift Tuition

FOCUS: Family time together in the outdoors. 

Trek Details

Tentative Itinerary:
(Our itineraries are guidelines for planning the trip. The itinerary is subject to change depending on: weather, wildfires, participants needs, land closures or other unforeseen circumstances. Ask your leader ahead of your trip if there have been any changes. Changes made to the itinerary during the trip will be communicated to the group as appropriate). 

  • Day 1 Arrive at basecamp and get settled in. (There will be a shuttle from the sunport)
  • Day 2-3 Basecamp Loop (Cottonwoods): Activities may include: weaving, leather-working, metal-smithing, hiking, painting, swimming, birding, cooking, farming
  • Day 4 Off-Camp Options: Visit Hubbell Trading Post and Code Talkers Museum or rock climbing at Mentmore
  • Day 5 Hike Canyon de Chelly National Monument
  • Day 6 Hike El Morro National Monument and possible caving at El Malpais. Sunset banquet at Sandstone bluffs. 
  • Day 8 Basecamp activities- forge your memories with a reflective session.
  • Day 9 Pack and depart

Family Trek 2024 Pricing Structure: Choose Your Gift

This year, we are incorporating a different pricing structure for Family Trek. We invite you to help us build inclusive community and change a life. A past trekker family sponsored your family's trek this year, and now you have the opportunity to sponsor the next trekker by paying/passing the gift forward. Choose your gift according to your values and means. We have attached a form that details this process to the Family trek application. Simply fill out the application linked to the “Enroll Today” button and complete an application for each member of your family who will join us this summer.  Next, fill out the Choose Your Gift google form, so that we can determine the tuition for each participant attending Family Trek.

Note: Your gift (formerly known as tuition cost) does not influence acceptance into our programs. Our application process is completely separate from all gift and payment processes. Trekkers are accepted into all programs based solely on their application and ability to participate fully in the Trek.

Family Trek= No discount or scholarship applicable.

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