Forest Stewards Guild Partnership

Dear Gulch Community,

Another fruitful partnership with a local organization, the Forest Stewards Guild (FSG) used a section of the basecamp forest to train the next generation of forestry professionals. Similar to the partnership with the Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps, they cleared forest land and contributed to the safety of the area by managing the possibility of wildfires.

The Vision: We envision ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry as the standard for professional forest management, from coast to coast.

The Mission: The Forest Stewards Guild practices and promotes responsible forestry as a means of sustaining the integrity of forest ecosystems and the human communities dependent upon them. The Guild engages in education, training, policy analysis, research, and advocacy to foster excellence in stewardship, support practicing foresters and allied professionals, and engage a broader community in the challenges of forest conservation and management.

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