Spring Appeal


Dear Friend,

At Cottonwood Gulch we consider all donors and trekkers – past and present – as family. That includes you! Our love of the New Mexico landscape, and the experiences we have shared here, bond us together and create lifelong memories.

Today, we want to invite you to engage with the Gulch.

The Gulch continues to help strengthen communities and return our youth to the outdoors following Covid-related shutdowns over the past few years. We have responded to feedback from board, staff and stakeholders to improve our processes, increase our efficiency, and redesign our programs. As a result, the Gulch is stronger than ever. We continue to serve a hearty stew. Here’s a taste:

  • The Gulch serves over 1,000 New Mexico children every
  • Education programs teach hydrology, environmental restoration, energy systems, appreciation of native cultures, nature photography, and food of the
  • Scholarships allow students to attend from the Albuquerque area that otherwise would find financing a barrier.
  • This summer we will offer 13 different trek

As you know firsthand, outdoor experiences never go out of style. Today’s trekkers unplug, find a sense of peace, and reflect on their lives, while learning important skills and gaining knowledge about New Mexico and the natural world.

This spring, help us grow our scholarship fund and directly support access to our programs so that more trekkers may experience a one-of-a-kind, life changing summer with the Gulch. Enable us to offer more opportunities for young people to experience the amazing landscapes, history and culture of the Southwest by using the enclosed envelope or making a donation online at

It takes all members of the family to inspire and support the mission of the Gulch. Your generous contribution helps our family grow.



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